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A wild Knivez` appears. :P

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1A wild Knivez` appears. :P Empty A wild Knivez` appears. :P Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:30 am


Heyho -Clanmembers and Leaders.
Here's my application to join .

name: Knivez` (RL-Name: Christoph)
how old: 16
where from: Switzerland
skills: middle - (maybe) high
playing for: For the fun, of course and to "enhance" my skills.
how often online: Hum, about 2 hours per day.

I want to join the (<- hard to write all the time xD) clan 'cause I'm a race-fan, but play also CTF, Spaceball and so on.

Ah yeah, maybe you don't know me. For those people here's my nickname-"history"

rockdude -> Near -> Knivez` Smile

So, I hope you can read my weird text, 'cause my english sucks. No

P.S.: I'm not sure if this is the right "forumsection", because here it's so empty. Nah. xD


2A wild Knivez` appears. :P Empty hey ;D Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:16 am



ok, hi Christoph Very Happy

i am Leo.
Thanks for this application its nice to see you like races, ctf and spaceball an i think i just saw you in the teeworlds forum Wink

and if you like races so much i am sure you are good in them O_o?!

you can put in front of your name
but because you come from switzerland you cant write this and ingame...
so open the "teeworlds-0.4.3-win32" file
in this file you will find an "config_directory.bat" open this!
there you will find an "settings.cfg" open this with the editor!
there you will find a long list of your player and server tunings!
search for the "player_name history" copy infront of your name and save and close it.

then play the game Razz

You cant join if you are just in a clan!!!!

welcome in !


3A wild Knivez` appears. :P Empty Re: A wild Knivez` appears. :P Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:08 am


Hi Leo (Lol, nice wordplay with your nickname xD)
From where are you? ^^

Anyway, thx that I can join . Very Happy

And also thx for the explanation for the Clantag.
It works.

and if you like races so much i am sure you are good in them O_o?!
Mmh, it's hard to say how skilled I am.
By the way I miss the old 0.3.x times, there were always many race-servers, but now only 1 or 2. :/

Hm, here's my MSN Addy, add me if you want: Chrigi922@hotmail.com

So... now an official "Hi! Very Happy" at everyone.


4A wild Knivez` appears. :P Empty Re: A wild Knivez` appears. :P Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:56 am



cool Smile

i am from germany Very Happy
and nice to have you in (i miss races too Sad )

the most members are german the leader is a hollnder and we have 2 or 3 polnish member
but the hollndisch leader shaggy isnt so mutch online :S


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